"Love one another
as I have loved you."

Welcome to our web site and blog, a growing collection of articles and resources about the life of peace in a country at war. I am deeply convinced that we are called by Jesus, by The Sermon on the Mount, and by the stirrings of compassion that live in every human heart, to speak out against America’s drift toward becoming a country permanently at war, a country defined primarily by its power to injure and to kill.  I am convinced, brothers and sisters, that America has more to offer the world than war, and that we have better lives to live than to be the silent accomplices of war. You will find here in these pages the record of our struggles to live that better life. We invite you to find encouragement here for your path of deeper witness.
Dennis Rivers $10.40 for Peace Community Member

The Prison Letters of Norman Lowry Available now as  paperback ($5.00)  or  FREE PDF BOOK. Arrested for his acts of faith-inspired civil disobedience, Norman Lowry reflects from his prison cell on what it means to follow Jesus in a culture of perpetual war-making.

2014:Kathy Kelly: Good Friday Sermon at Nuclear Weapons Lab This sermon was given on April 18, 2014, by longtime peace activist Kathy Kelly  outside the guarded fence of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory  in Livermore, California, about forty miles east of Oakland. Lawrence Livermore  National Laboratory has designed nuclear weapons for the United States military since the 1950s.  For more information about Kathy Kelly's life and religiously inspired peace witness, please click here.  

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